Kfarms Horse Training


"The Bad Boys" are what I consider horses that have misbehaviors, bad behaviors, and are or seem to be uncontrolable.

   Many horses are trained in an abusive manner so they grow to learn that the more you hurt them the better it pleases you. Some except it and some fight it. Some horses think that when you kick them  in the sides that you want them to go running down the arena, but this isn't realy what you want. You just want them to go from walk to trot. Some horses have learned to fear all humans no matter the sex and reject everything you try to get them to do by violant, vigous, and dangerous behavior because if they do it enough you will eventually leave them alone. These horses are not uncontrolable they've just been abused and need to learn that they can trust you because you will not hurt them. Lets face it you both have to respect and trust each other.

    The following is a list of the differant behaviors that I deal with and correct in horses. If your does any of these I can help. If your horse does something that is not listed contact me anyway and I'll see what I can do, I may have just forgotten to add it.


Barn Sour

Herd Sour



Cross Tying and Ground Tying Problems

Turn Out Problems

Rushes To Barn

Trailering Problems

Show anxiety

Jumping Fear

Pasing in Stall

Pasing in Pasture

Stallion anxious about every mare he sees

Vet Trauma

Farrier Trauma

Trailering Trauma

Trail Trauma

Show Trauma

Riding Trauma

Possiveness over foal

Foals with bad habits