Kfarms Horse Training


I Come To You.

This is no lie. I come to you or where ever you board your horse and train/correct bad behaviors right there on the premesis.

  My rate is $25 an hour per horse  NO HIDDEN FEES!                                         This does not include travel time or mileage. They are not added in at all, unless I travel outside an hour from my home. Only then is mileage added in.                       This is why I only serve the Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, and Saratoga Counties of New York State.

  I do have a training contract that must be signed before I begin working with your horse as well as a stable contract for those who board their horse at a local stable. The stable contract just gives me permission to train your horse on the stable owners property. These contracts are for my safety and prevent anyone from suing me or my business.


Discounts are given to ALL clients and a copy is given when I meet with you for the first time. If you would like a copy before hand or have lost your current copy I will be happy to send you one via email. Just email me at www.kfarms1@yahoo.com

If you want to set up a day to meet with me about working with one of your horses or just have more questions please email me at the above address or can call me directly at (518) 924 4775                                                                                                        Thank you and have a great day.