Kfarms Horse Training


Here are the types of western riding I train for.


Western Pleasure

This is your basic western riding, and trails. Here I start with ground work or basic lunging. This will give me an idea of what the horse already knows. After adding the saddle and bridle, I work on lead changes, head and neck position, and balancing at all gaits. I will then mount the horse and work on these same things along with turning on command.(rein,voice, and leg pressure.) Next will be changing gaits, stopping, turning, suppling and leg yeilding.I will then move on to exposing the horse to differant elements outside the ring to make him as bomb proof as possible.

   Western Shows/Events

This includes all types of shows, trail events, etc.

I will start with the basics and end with training for speed, agility,proper show position, and leg yeilding. It is hard to explain every detail because there are so many differant shows and events as well as classes.

   Here is an example to give you an idea.

Patty has a Quarter Horse mare she wants to show in advanced western pleasure. Her horse knows all the ground work but has never been mounted. For Patty I would begin her horse with the basics the first day, the next day I would add the saddle and briddle to my work routine. If she has already been tought lead changes, voice command, gait changes, and is balancing well I will mount the horse that day. I would only want her horse to let me stay on her for as long as I want and may possibly walk her around the ring letting the mare go anywhere she chooses. From the next day on I would work on riding with all the gaits, changing gaits, stopping, backing and turning. Then I would move forward to lead changes, the correct body position, The correct pace, and so forth for that particular show. Then I would ride outside the ring where their are distractions, take her to shows and ride her around (not show her) so she becomes accustomed to the noices, people, and other horses that are common at horse shows. I would then have Patty ride her a few days in similar places that I had prevously riden the horse so that the mare can become more comfortable,and more confident with this new rider. Patty's mare is now ready to be shown!

Barrel Racing

Naturally I will agian begin with the basics and end with training the horse on barrels. Speed, agility,timing,and corectiveness are the key points I will use in barrel race training. I have many differant exercises that I use to train the horse.